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Leather Type Identification

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Aniline - Cleaning Code A

(Also called Natural, Pure, Naked, or Unprotected)

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Aniline leathers are colored with transparent dye. This leather has little or no protective treatment applied to it. It has a really soft, glove-like feel. There are two ways to tell aniline dyed leather from others.

Identifying Characteristics:
  • Lightly scratch the surface to see if it leaves a light scratch mark
  • Lightly wet your finger, rub on leather lightly to see if it darkens

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Pigmented - Cleaning Code P

(Also called Finished, Semi-Aniline, Everyday, Protected, or Fainted)

Pigmented Leather Harrisburg, PA
This is the most common leather type used in furniture, approximately 90% of the market. This leather has a uniform appearance and color. The leather has an intense color and a definite pattern (grain).

You cannot see any natural leather markings through the top coatings, because a pigmented leather paint coat is applied to the surface. It is then sealed with a durable finish. Properly maintained, this finish will provide years of cleaning ability and durability.

Identifying Characteristics:
  • Uniform color and grain patterns
  • Will not scratch easily
  • Water drops will not change color

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Nubuck - Cleaning Code N

(Also called Chaps, Distressed, Bomber or Suede)

Nubuck Leather York, PA
These are natural Aniline leathers that have been surface brushed or buffed on the grain side of the leather creating a nap and leaving a texture similar to velvet (softess of all leathers to the touch).

Usually Nubuck has a natural finish, but may have a light protective coat and a transparent leather dye for color. This process increases the leathers surface exposure making it extremely absorbent to body oils and soil, and difficult to clean effectively.

Identifying Characteristics:
  • Very soft to the touch
  • Will scratch or scuff very easily
  • Water drops will darken the leather but it returns to its original color after drying

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For waxed surfaces, rub an area of the leather several times with a sponge. This removes the wax to see if the leather meets test one or two.

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