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Common Questions

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What kind of leather do I have?
You can identify what type of leather you have by comparing the look, reaction and feel of your leather to our Leather Type Identification list.

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What should I use to clean my leather furniture?
There are specific products for each type of leather. You need to identify your leather type before choosing a leather care product designed for each leather type.

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I didn't think you could repair leather. How can you tell if the repair will work?
21st century technology, flexible adhesives and intricate procedures allow us to perform repairs on leather that will outlast the original surface.

leather restoration York, PA

How to body oils affect my leather?
Protected finishes are more durable than Nubuck and Analine dyed leather. However, they must be cleaned with some frequency to remove body oils and salts from your slain.

Nubuck and Analine leather should be protected with leather protection recommended by the manufacturer before use and then cleaned accordingly.

Note: excessive body oil will remove the color and become very brittle or rotten.

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